Dealer, our first board game is coming soon on Kickstarter !

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform. We chose this format for our first creation because we want you to participate in the project.

The way it works is simple: sign up and follow us to participate in the project, which will allow us to produce the game, in return we will send you a box of Dealer!

All the details are written here.

Sign up quickly on the Coming Soon page of Kickstarter to be informed of the launch day!

The crowdfunding launch will take place when we reach 500 subscribers to this pre-launch page, so share the project around you!

Who can try to keep a poker face during a thumb war against a Cavalier ? The first to have no more cards in his personal deck win the game. 

No advantage, everyone starts the game with the same number of cards, the same chances to win. All players start with their own same deck of cards. They then draw 3 cards from it which constitutes their starting hand. In turn, each player plays a card from his or her hand by placing it on the mat in the frame corresponding to one of the 5 families of the game (Spades, Clubs, Jokers, Hearts, Diamonds). 

Each card causes an effect when it played. Spades and Clubs allow you to put cards from your deck on top of an opponent’s deck. Joker allow you to do special effects. Hearts and Diamonds allow you to draw cards while emptying your deck. As the rounds progress, 5 piles of cards are formed on the mat. The top visible cards of these piles form a combination. As soon as someone notices it, an additional effect is applied. 

Everyone tries to use the strategies of each effect. Attention please ! The game can be turned on its head with a single card played… As soon as someone has no cards left in his deck, he is proclaimed the victor, the undisputed master of ‘‘the Dealer’’, adulated by his defeated opponents, who call for revenge... 

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You can play to Dealer game at our game events in France: back to the presentation evening at the Ludotrotter shop in Angers (France). A box of the game is available at the game bar Les Casse Pions in Angers.

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