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The Exocet family is a company that is looking for partners. We are committed to the short circuit, sustainable and eco-responsible development, through the promotion of a local and measured production and distribution system.

For any partnership request relating to production and trade (distributors and resellers) please remember to send us your professional details (SIRET). 

If you want to organize an event or fun meetings or simply if you want to know more about our games, our company and our way of creating, send us a message leaving us your contact details and the links to your networks. 

We try to do our best to answer you within a maximum of 3 working days.

Exocet likes games that can be played with two as well as with eight or more players, or exclusively with two; in a board and/or card game, in which no one is eliminated during the game and in which chance has no central place. We like all themes and graphic styles as long as the drawings, illustrations, paintings, watercolors and/or other techniques are clean but not retouched by digital techniques.

For game submissions, please answer the following questions:

– What is the title, the number of players, the minimum age, the duration, the material, the theme in two words (if there is one)?

– With a summary of the rules of your game, how is its mechanics original?

– What is THE point that is most important to you in your creation, the point without which your game is not your game?

– Why do you want us to work together?

– Can you attach a link to your site so that we can discover the video, photos and sketches of your prototype ?

For artists and illustrators, please answer the following questions:

– What themes are you inspired by ?

– What are your favorite creative techniques ?

– Why do you want to image board games ?

– Why do you want to be in partnership with Exocet Editions ?

– Can you attach a link to your online portfolio ?

In the fishbowl of Exocet, we make it a point of honor to fully respect the rights of author artists, therefore we do not keep any creative data out of contract, whether it is a game idea or any graphic visual. These are the reasons why we only ask you for internet links updated by you rather than files to send to us.

We try to do our best to respond to you within a maximum of 3 weeks.

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